Friday, October 30, 2020

Werewolf versus Werewolf


Up above is a werewolf I drew back in the early 1980s and down below is a werewolf that Arthur Adams drew in 2005. Take a second and think about which drawing you like better. Don't worry, it won't hurt my feelings! I like his very much also.

I'll tell you somebody who like my drawing pretty well though was Robert Kanigher (it's his werewolf after all; that character was one of The Creature Commandos who headlined the final issues of Weird War Tales). I sent a copy of it to him at DC Comics and Mr. Kanigher liked it so much that he printed the entire drawing on the letters page of 1984's Sgt. Rock #397 and it took up almost the full page. How about that! (Oh, and that's Bob Kanigher himself inside the rocketship.)


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