Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Her Mascara Blew Up!"

I heard something funny in the comic book store today.

There were three of us in Atlas Comics at the time: proprietor John Stangeland and another patron and myself. The other customer started talking to John about recent goings-on in Wonder Woman. The fan exclaimed that "Themyscira blew up!" and John echoed in disbelief "Her mascara blew up?!"

I laughed.

Detecting that John may not have his finger directly on the pulse of the Wonder Woman title, I put on my Solomon mask and explained that Themyscira is the name of the island.

(Anachronistor's Note: You probably chuckled to yourself as you read of me describing something happening "today" since, undeniably, the fabric of time has been so malleable in and around the Hayfamzone lately. Forget 7/29/2010. This incident occurred on 9/29/2010.)