Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eat at Blondie's

If you ever wished you could dine out at a restaurant festooned with comic books, wait until you hear the great news I have for you!

It has been my pleasure to enjoy breakfast at Blondie's Diner just outside Chicago, in River Grove, Illinois. I recommend the Corned Beef Hash and Eggs with peaches. Look here and here and here to get a glimpse of the brightly-colored ambiance that will envelop you as you feast.

Of course, Blondie is more a of comic strip phenomenon than a comic book phenomenon, but still. Blondie has been appearing in daily newspapers since 1930, and it's one of only five comic strips that I read every single day. Throughout the 1940's there were the very popular radio show and movies based on on the comic strip; here is a fun movie clip of Arthur Lake as Dagwood, the role that he was most assuredly born to play.

The Blondie and Dagwood characters had a definite presence in comic books also; take a look at all these! You'll spot some of these covers on the wall when you go to eat at Blondie's. And when you do go, be sure to tell them hayfamzone sent you. (They won't know what you're talking about!)

(Anachronistor's Note: Here I am on 6/29/2010, not 2/27/2010.)