Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stan Lee Has Over 10,000 Friends!

It turns out that Stan Lee has a MySpace page! And, just this very week, his friendcount passed 10,000! (I know I'll take another hit for once again setting aside The Hayfamzone Blog's self-proclaimed focus of being a reader's blog and instead festooning it as something akin to a multimedia circus, but I'll never pass up the opportunity to share with you something that strikes me as interesting.) Click right here to visit Stan's page.

I offer my thanks to Mark Evanier for uncovering this little tidbit. Of course you know that Mark started out in the comics business as an editorial assistant to Jack Kirby, but did you know that Mark's is the only blog that I make a point of reading every single day? True fact. You can read it also, if you just click here.

As for getting back on track about being a reader's blog, you won't believe what I have up my sleeve for you. In my next posting I will give you a gift that will afford you HOURS upon HOURS of comics-related reading pleasure. I can hardly wait!