Friday, July 27, 2007

"This video is awesome!"

Of course I've recommended your viewing in the past of exactly one video on YouTube, and it was a video in whose creation I was directly involved. Maybe in the intervening months the big-budget production that I audaciously referred to as Hayfamzone Conquers YouTube has slipped your mind? Fear not, faithful but forgetful reader! You can re-live the 21 seconds of glory entitled "The Hayfamzone Letter" by merely clicking here.

I bring the matter up because I am now ready to recommend to you a second video selection. But wait! Don't get your hopes up! None of us in the hayfamzone had any personal involvement in the creation of this video. But I was so taken aback by the quality and inherent cleverness as I watched this entry, I knew I wanted to share it with everyone I could. Without any further introduction and with nary a hint about its subject matter, I invite you to sit back and be amazed for just over two minutes when you click here.

Feel free to pass it on! And if you come across any videos that are likewise outstandingly excellent, please write in and tell me about them.